Typical Configuration

ICM with Modbus Serial (RS485)

In this configuration, an ICM is shown with one serial port configured as Modbus Master. The ICM connects the field Intelligent electronic devices (IED) such as protection relay (PR), power quality meter (PQM), motor control unit (MCU), feeder control unit (FCU) and I/O unit (IOU) via terminal units (TU) on the RS485 network. A second ICM can be added to provide redundancy at the ICM level.

ICM-700 Series

Industrial Control Manager

The ICM-700 is a high performance embedded controller built on standard industrial platform with versatile processing power and integrated network technology. The ICM-700 connects multi-vendor intelligent electronic devices (IED), remote terminal units (RTU), and programmable logic controllers (PLC) to higher-level SCADA Master systems using communication schemes configured on the Engineering Workstation (EWS).

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  • Transportation
  • Industrial Control + Automation
  • Avionics
  • Military
  • Robotics
  • Energy Management

The ICM provides multiple communication interfaces to higher level SCADA Masters. The ICM supports industry standard protocols such as DNP3, IEC 60870-5, DF1 and Modbus.

The ICM has the ability to concentrate data from a wide range of industrial devices. The data is collected within the ICM’s real-time database and is available to SCADA, DCS, PLC, local HMI or other devices. The ICM can perform complex calculations and logical operations on the data before it is sent to data consumers.

The ICM programmable logic function may be event-driven or performed on a periodic basis. Our next release will be IEC 61131-3 compliant.

Once configured, the ICM provides a virtual communication gateway between a computer and a remote device. By using the ICM’s Virtual Access feature with a remote device’s proprietary software (which is provided by the OEM of the device), all functionalities of the remote device may be accessed and used.

The ICM’s embedded Virtual Access technology provides remote maintenance and diagnostics for the remote device. This allows users at the office to perform a preliminary analysis of the state and condition of equipment before traveling to the substation.

The ICM contains a built-in web server, which provides flexibility in data display and communication with the ICM at a remote location. The ICM employs open platform technology such as Apache HTTP Server, PHP as the middleware and MySQL back end. These platforms can be upgraded or customized to suit individual needs.

The DAP Studio – EWS software utilities provides a protocol analyzer feature in which communication between remote devices and the ICM may be analyzed. The ICM protocol analyzer provides a command line interface through which message can be sent to debug the communication channel. The ICM protocol analyzer displays filtered messages that contain timing and other relevant information.

User friendly configuration software that runs in Windows XP/2000 platforms. The DAP Studio EWS has a library of device profiles to provide ease of configuration.

The ICM provides network security and manages network application services such as Routing, Firewall, NTP etc.

The ICM provides access to setting files, oscillography files, fault records, SoE from the remote devices. Working with the User, the ICM can provide a data path for delivery of the non-operational data to the Enterprise or Data Warehouse.

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