Tai Po Water Works DCS System

Hong Kong

The largest water treatment plant of Water Supply Department (WSD) in Hong Kong.  A three-stage treatment is used comprising:

  • Coagulation, flocculation and clarification by Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)
  • Primary Aerated Biological Filtration (PABF) for ammonia removal
  • Secondary Rapid Gravity Filtration (SRGF) followed by final de-infection using chlorine.

The incoming raw water flows from Tai Po Tau ‘D’ Pumping Station provides a maximum capacity of 1200 Mld to the Tai Po Treatment Works when two parallel mains are in service.

The treated water is pumped and delivered to the service reservoirs via the treated water pumping station.  In the ultimate stage of the Tai Po Water Treatment Work, ten pumpsets of capacity 200 Mld each will be installed and operated.

VL Automation Limited (VL)’s responsibilities included system configuration, hardware supply, Human Machine Interface and control logic development, testing as well as training. VL is a sub-contractor to Cheavlier Envirotech Ltd.

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