TSMC Wafer Plant


The Power Management System (PMS) at TSMC Shanghai 200mm Wafer Production Facility monitors the power distribution and performs load shedding, providing non-stop power supply for the 24 hours operating plant.  The system includes an Operator Control and Monitoring Subsystem and a pair of redundant programmable logic controller for load shed function.  The system interfaces to S&I Communication Management and Control Computers (CMAC) collecting real-time data from the intelligent devices such as feeder management relays and motor managers, etc.  The system monitors more than 1,100 intelligent devices allover the plant.

VL Automation Limited (VL)’s responsibility on the Power Management System included Human Machine Interface and Load Shedding control logic development, testing & commissioning as well as training.  VL is a subcontractor to the electrical contractor Switchgear & Instrumentation Ltd. (S&I) UK.

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