Jurong Datacenter


This is one of Singapore’s leading-edge datacenter facilities that features robust power and mechanical architecture.

–       7-storey, 375,000 sq.ft

–       Dual redundant 22KV mains, 6 MVA power transformers in N+N

–       6 MVA Gensets N+1

 The PMS, based on FMC’s UCOS & ION Enterprise oversees the electrical distribution within the facilities to ensure stability of supply.  The PMS interfaces to intelligent devices within:

–       MV/LV Switchboards

–       Power Transformers

–       Static & Dynamic UPS

–       Emergency Generators 

VL is a specialist sub-contractor to SMB/CSI for the M+W designed PMS System.  The VL scope of work includes equipment supply, systems configuration, integration, and on-site testing and commissioning.

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