iGrid-T&D visits VLA

VL Automation welcomes Ms. Africa Matellan of iGrid-T&D for a full week iControl SCADA system training session in Hong Kong.  iControl SCADA is a high-performance SCADA developed by iGrid-T&D based in Barcelona for visualization and control of substation and plant data, either running in a Client/Server or Standalone configuration. iControl provides advanced functionalities such as hot-standby redundancy, automatic line coloring, alarms notification (via e-mail and sms), SQL logging, reports generation, and support for standard communication protocols such as IEC61850, IEC60870-5-101/104, DNP3.0, Modbus, OPC UA, etc.

Safety Recognition Award

Safety is our No.1 priority! Safety does not happen by accident! The VLA M308 Team at the Hong Kong International Airport is given a “Recognition Award” by Technical Services Department (TSD) of AAHK in appreciation of our team’s support and participation in the Contractor Safety Campaign 2018/19. Our Assistant Airport Team PM Nelson Chan was present at the award ceremony to receive the certificate from AAHK TSD management.

Safety is our No.1 priority

VLA M308 Management Team Post For Safety Awareness

Safety does not happen by accident!  The VLA M308 Management Team posts for a photo to thank all their members for doing the right thing because safety is our No.1 priority.  Beyond just creating safety policies VLA is committed to implementing safety policies correctly and making sure all employees fully understand what is expected.