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iGrid-T&D visits VLA

VL Automation welcomes Ms. Africa Matellan of iGrid-T&D for a full week iControl SCADA system training session in Hong Kong.  iControl SCADA is a high-performance SCADA developed by iGrid-T&D based in Barcelona for visualization and control of substation and plant data, either running in a Client/Server or Standalone configuration. iControl provides advanced functionalities such as […]

Safety Recognition Award

Safety is our No.1 priority! Safety does not happen by accident! The VLA M308 Team at the Hong Kong International Airport is given a “Recognition Award” by Technical Services Department (TSD) of AAHK in appreciation of our team’s support and participation in the Contractor Safety Campaign 2018/19. Our Assistant Airport Team PM Nelson Chan was […]

Safety is our No.1 priority

Safety does not happen by accident!  The VLA M308 Management Team posts for a photo to thank all their members for doing the right thing because safety is our No.1 priority.  Beyond just creating safety policies VLA is committed to implementing safety policies correctly and making sure all employees fully understand what is expected.

Siemens TIA Portal Hands-on Training

Siemens TIA Portal Hand-on Training We are offering a condensed course on Siemens TIA Portal with hands-on training to give the participants a quick start into the world Total Integrated Automation. This is a high demand course and maximum 8 participants per course. Course Name: Siemens TIA Portal Hands-on Training Date: 5-6 April 2016 Time: […]


The Action Team is on the road again.  This time it is flag sales for Regeneration Society (再生會). It is really touching to see team members come out to support the effort even when some of them need a crutch themselves. 再生會極力推廣復康及健康管理,致力為紅斑狼瘡、硬皮症、痛症及有情緒困擾之人士提供多元化的服務.  Good job Team! 13 Jun 2015

Oxfam Rice Event

The rain did not dampened the spirit when the VL Action Team went out to support the Oxfam rice sales for the left-behind children through better education and resources  event (支持留守兒童獲得教育及生活支援).  Oxfam volunteer worker Brenda led the team and sold more than a 100 packs in a difficult situation.  At the end of the day, […]

Bubble Soccer Fun Day

One cannot imagine what it is like playing soccer while inside a plastic bubble.  “It is really strange and really different from any soccer game you have ever experience” says our organizer.  It is very much like a dressed up Sumo fighter giving it a 100% against each other’s team.  Four teams comprising VL family […]

Studio City PMS Pre-Test

In conjunction with Siemens (HK) Ltd., VL has started the testing and commissioning of the Macau Studio City Power Management System (PMS).   The PMS is a real-time control and monitoring system for power loading, power quality and energy usage of the electrical systems.  “It is a critical system and thorough testing is required before start […]

VL Cookies Fun Day

Making cookies is both an art and science as we found out on this Saturday morning of 31 January 2015.  It demands accuracy and tender care!  Thanks to our Cookie Master (SKLau), we found the secret recipes to bake the most delicious, soft and for some (who modified the recipes)  crunchy cookies.   In the […]

MTRC 965 SBCS Software Audit Completed

“We have successfully completed two Software Quality Audits for the MTRC South Island Line (East) SBCS (Station Based Control System)!  These software quality audits focused on Software Quality, Configuration Management and the Verification and Validation process”, says Alex Chan – Team Leader The next milestone is on-site testing scheduled for Q3 2014 starting with Ocean […]